Written by maddy - 07 Jul 2020

Lockdown Designing

Although we may be slowly easing out of Lockdown, we wanted to share our top 10 tips for you try with your very own interior design project!

Lockdown has meant many different things to many people. From my perspective, some of my clients have put their projects on hold as priorities have shifted, whilst others have carried on, enjoying the distraction of a new project and making the most of being at home!

As we start to ease out of lockdown, this continues to create differences within my clients (and possibly you!). Some are happy to return to normal as soon as possible, others wish to continue to be cautious. Either way, you have spent long enough at home and therefore I am sure you have little things that need sorting or want to refurbish around your house!

Small things really can make a big difference and quite often people feel overwhelmed when it comes to redecorating a room! I always say it doesn’t take anything major to make a difference and so for those of you looking for a little help we have put together our top 10 tips:

  1. the purpose of your room, that can really help you focus on the items, style and ambience to include in the room. This can help with space saving issues and also mental wellbeing, for example the bedroom is for sleeping not working or when working from home, keep the work in that area so it allows you to switch off!

  2. DE-CLUTTER - this can-do wonders in terms of keeping surfaces limited with things but also inside drawers and so on. It can be such a distraction to the mind and unorganised spaces can easily trigger stress, so I would put this at the top of your to do list.

  3. LAYOUT – looking at this is a simple and free way of feeling like you have transformed your room. I know it is an obvious statement (and can be restricting), but by turning your armchair the other way or moving the floor lamp/side table to the other side, it can create a totally new space in your room. The mentality of this then allows a new head space to read, relax or enjoy a cup of tea in!

  4. LIGHTING - I always tell my clients how important lighting is when considering items for their rooms. Whether that is candles or lamps, they allow the room to feel cosy and relaxed which will help you wind down after a long day! We are currently obsessed with Cox & Cox:


  1. NATURE - and the “inside out” has great positive benefits. There are so many fabulous companies out there that make it super easy to get flowers delivered through your letterbox. For those struggling to keep things alive (like me!), buy a cactus or opt for some beautiful faux pieces (that don’t look faux!)

  2. UPDATE – you don’t have to spend a lot to make a difference! Take one item, whether it is your rug, a lick of paint, a new throw (the list goes on) and just notice the difference. You may find this is all you need, or it will trigger a series of swaps until you hardly recognise the room and you’ve spent a minimal amount.

  3. CUSHIONS – ask my husband and he will tell you I am obsessed with cushions. Again, they often get overlooked and the reason I am obsessed with them is because they can change the whole look of your sofa/ bed/ chair and there are so many wonderful options out there!

Extra Tip – for those on a budget, just swap the cover. I am always doing this and you don’t have to invest in an expensive cover either! Try:


  1. ACCESSORIES – Update your photo frames (people don’t do this enough in my opinion) or buy a new candle. Such small touches again can change the ambience in the room and adds a touch of personality.

  2. ARTWORK – can create a new focal point in the room and again, this doesn’t have to be expensive! You will likely have a frame around the house you can re-use! Some fab companies we love:

https://www.iamfy.co/shop - I LOVE this shop ( they also have some fab lighting & furniture pieces)



Extra Tip – for those on a budget, ETSY offer some great downloadable artwork!

  1. HAVE FUN! Life’s too short so be adventurous and don’t be afraid to add some colour or bold patterns!

Please send photos & questions over to info@saddler.studio for any more tips!

Have a lovely week!